Destiny & Bio Let me introduce my personal support for you

I am travel GUIDE and personal GURU and SUPERVISOR

I, Alexandra Kropp, I am here on the Mother Earth
to serve inspire and empower others to live passionately, challengingly and activate their full potential, and to help people to discover the joy of their lives and its abundance and richness.

When I was on my journey around the world I finally found my personal destiny to give back to the world. On my Journey I met so many interesting people who opened my eyes through my soul and heart. I have learnt a lot of self healing, meditation, positive energy, correct emotions, discover power of Secret and receiving. And many others ways which I wish to share with others and transfer to their new thinking and vision of life.

I completed and picked up every single principle of mentality, personality, well being and thoughts on the Globe and thats what I wish to bring to others and spread all around. Lot of people gave me compliments they called me: Sunshine, Magnet of Luck, Big Smile. I was always laughing and shy to hear such lovely words and cannot receive compliments at all... In meantime I recognized all about me are mirrors and show me my big potential – my Gift – passion of life! And I feel personally how people love me, how they admire me and how happy they are in my company... as they need personal touch with my smiling spirit. They told me many times that I inspired them to run, cycle,do something unusual, move forward, start to travel, change job, etc.


Long time ago before i found my destiny I was born in the industrial Czech city Ostrava with lot of industry and pollution but grew up in the heart of Beskydy mountains. This caused me to become close to nature and to mountains which are my deepest passion and joy of life.

I graduated University – Faculty of Economy – Management and my fluent language knowledge is English, German, Czech, Slovak and also understand Polish, Russian, Spanish.

My background and connection with environment encouraged on the first step in my career as auditor at Ministry of Environment and then for 5 years I was participating and creating EU standards and financial support for the European Social Fund for The Czech Republic. As a manager for the National Training Found in Prague, I was both training manager and supervisor of several projects to support the development of human resources including national policies in the area of employment, education, social inclusion, equal opportunities.

Sitting in the office was too boring for my energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous soul, so I decided to travel in the hope of discovering new possibilities and gain empowerment through experiencing new cultures and people.

I visited Bali twice and I found something special on this Island of Gods.

Green School and this place took my heart! And caused me to stop my adventure for a chance to stay and be a volunteer for a month. Finally I found Green camp and wanted to be part of it show other how to be green, enjoy life and nature and build our self education and connection with nature.

I started travel as a tourist and finally in year 2009 I finally became a traveler.

My passion is to share with other the best things and vision, principles and rules so I became a coordinator and operator of Green Camp Bali for Europe and Middle East as my wish is to take your children or whole family, company to admire a Learning adventure in nature!
Now working independently as Private Travel Guide, Personal Guru and Supervisor.

My current location: Prague or Bali.