This story is the introduction to an ambitious educational model – Green School Bali. It's a manifesto of gratitude and loving kindness, an awakened consciousness that inspires generosity and care for both the earth and humanity. The reader will get a feeling for the atmosphere of an eco-school without doors, walls or windows, through which continuously flows clean, tropical air, in which the refreshing harmony of Nature prevails. This photo e-Book – the first ever about Green School Bali – is an expression of how awed I am by a place that is so unique, I was motivated to share my personal experience in order to inspire the entire world. An authentic sharing is a bridge to social responsibility, altruism and nurturing communities. My intention is also to present an evolved attitude regarding consumption and well-being, and encourage all human beings to bring "green consciousness" into their lives, and inaugurate a "gift economy.".

“I am a dreamer who had long fantasized about a renewed green planet, full of joy, abundance and bliss. I started my career at the Ministry of Environment in the Czech Republic, but my energetic spirit did not allow me to remain sitting in an office, doing paperwork – I'm too active for that. I needed to find some way to help that was worthwhile and really mattered to me. So I decided to follow my natural inclinations, and began volunteer missions around the globe. My dream came true when I found the Green School in Bali ("The Island of The God's"), Indonesia. It is an example of how our global society can be more present, considerate and generous, not only to ourselves and those in need, but to the whole planet – humankind's nurturing mother and home; how we can conserve our limited resources for the coming generations. Please read this book with an open heart, and be aware of your actions and the size of the (carbon) footprints you leave on Mother Earth. Be green!”

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