Introduction Let me introduce my personal support for you

I am travel GUIDE and personal GURU and SUPERVISOR
Let me introduce the unique and special services that I can provide... I will be your private travel Guide, personal Guru and Life Supervisor.

I will show you the self development techniques, that have really worked for me and support your use of these to reach your vision and live your dreams...

My service is unique, wide ranging, flexible and accessible globally in many languages English, German, Czech, Slovak and also basic knowledge of Spanish, Russian, Polish.

I can offer you, your children, parents, friends or partners in need. Just send me a request and we can discuss what I can do for you and we will take first step of the Journey of Life together!

You will receive lot of benefits of:
Smart companion, Sense of humour, Laughing, Empowering, Encourage, Challenge.

Or I will give you tips for healing, travelling, such as recommending where and who can heal you.
Are you tired and bored with travel agencies and massive travelling? What you want to do, I will do it with YOU!!! Almost;-) That's what makes my service unique.

What is the Journey about

I can guide you everywhere all around the World or give you advice how to solve your problems and how to deal with them. I will try to help you find inner balance, peace, love and abundance of life and guide you for personal transformation. I will help you by the application of the best practices I have experienced, the wisdom of native people that I have enjoyed and the traditional ceremonies I have participated in during my travel.
My target is refresh your brain and body from pain, depression and sadness, demanding thoughts...

I will be your Support on your Journey to reach your dreams! Together we try to break limits, borders, and barriers in your thinking.... The only Limit is your imagination!
Together we will discover your power, strength and direction. We will refresh your passion for life and create joy again.

I will help you to reassess your direction in life and move to a simplified approach. This may involve returning to traditional way of consuming, temperance, humbleness, happiness, saving environments, kindness, love and peace.
In hand to hand… I will open your eyes, heart, mind and soul and we appreciate the Gift of Life together ...
I will show you the abundance and richness of your life
I will be there to help and encourage you to your chosen life style as Life Supervisor.

I will teach you how you can enjoy every single moment including the trivial things and goods...... and focused for sharing receiving with others.

I will push you to live your DreamLife!